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Special Announcement - Chief of Fleet Operations

Posted on Tue Oct 1st, 2019 @ 8:36pm by Captain Aviram Drell

Hi everyone,

I have an announcement from our Chief of Fleet Operations, Admiral Joseph Rhimer. I'll let him explain:


It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation from the position of Chief of Fleet Operations. It's a position that I enjoy very much, but at this time I don't feel that I can fill the role adequately for a number of reasons. I've enjoyed working with all of my COs here and helping you along with everything that's been going on. Seeing your sims increase in activity and push forward with new gusto has been a thrill for me, and I'm certain that that trend will continue. I'll be staying in PF, of course, so don't fear the loss of your Flailmaster Supreme. Thank you to the Admiralty for giving me to the opportunity to work with them again, and maybe one day in the future we can do so again under better circumstances. I have agreed to remain in the position until a suitable replacement can be found, so if you need anything, if I'm still green, I can still help.

Thank you!

Rear Admiral Joseph M. Rhimer, Retired
Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet


I'd like to thank Admiral Rhimer for everything that he has done for the Fleet, both during his tenure as CFOps, and out. Fortunately he will be staying with us in the Fleet and continuing in other roles, though his voice will be missed inside the Admiralty chamber.

Of course, with Admiral Rhimer's departure that means that there is an opening at the CFOps position in the PFA. That means that there is an opportunity for another of our members to join the Pegasus Fleet Admiralty. Ideal candidates are members of the fleet with experience commanding long running sims, as well as a strong passion in helping see the Fleet grow and improve. Good communication skills are a must. CFOps is one of the more time intensive positions in the Fleet, so we will be looking for someone who can dedicate a lot of time to the position.

Interested members can apply for the position using the link below. The PFA will begin reviewing applications on Monday, October 7, so interested members should try to apply before that date if they want to be among the first applications reviewed. If any of our recent applicants for TFCO and CPR are interested in applying for CFOps in addition to their previous applications, please let us know. We will be potentially holding those applications pending until we begin reviewing for CFOps, and make our final decisions all at once. If anyone has any questions about the application process, or the position, please feel free to contact myself and Admiral S'iraa at Good luck to all of our applicants.

And once again, thank you to Admiral Rhimer for your service to the Fleet!

Application for Chief of Fleet Operations

As always, Live Long and Prosper

Admiral Emily Quinn
Commanding Officer
Eleventh "Pegasus" Fleet


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