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Petty Officer 1st Class Corbin Sullis

Name Corbin Van Sullis

Position Auxiliary Craft Pilot

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Federation Merchantmen Enterprise
Birth Date 1 Aug
Birth Location Risa

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 172
Hair Color Brown w/ Gray
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, almost considered lanky, and normally looking non-chalant unless it's time to put his shuttle through its paces

Family Data

Parent(s) Deceased - Wolf 359
Sibling(s) None
Marital Status Single
Partner(s) None
Children None
Other Family None

Personality Profile

General Overview Much more comfortable with the larger shuttles, Corbin has a simple point of view: "Sure, no one thanks the shuttle pilots, but let's see that cargo fly itself." He has experience to some degree in every personnnel and cargo shuttle up to a Runabout thanks to a diverse career and a record of pushing the blocky craft past their limits.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Piloting, "Acquisitions" and resource management on long trips.
Weaknesses: not the social kind up front.
Ambitions & Goals Retire with his own hauler and enjoy the wilds of the Federation frontier
Hobbies & Interests Flying, tracking the markets for legal and "gray area" goods, shuttle modification and enjoying life in any way be can
Languages English, Klingon, Vulcan, Rigellian and hints of Romulan

Personal Relationships

Family Relationships None alive.
Romantic Relationships Scattered across the many systems of the Federation
Relationships with Friends Few, but those who earn it have a friend and pilot for life
Acquaintances More like business partners

Personal History

Personal History Born as one of many illegitimate Risan children, Corbin was quick to find his way off world and start work on a dilithium hauler. Working his way up to the pilot's seat, he earned his first shuttle by towing his home freighter back to a safe port after it was ambushed by a Romulan patrol.
After that, Corbin chased after the most diverse set of shuttles and haulers he could get his hands on; Starfleet.
Education Pilot training from both Starfleet, civilan industry and a single job with the Orion Syndicate that is best left unmentioned

Career History

Pre-Starfleet Career Federation Dilithium Hauler "Fool's Gold"
Bajoran Deterium Transport "Valus"
Orion Martial Hauler "Keshik Paral"
Starfleet Training Starfleet Academy - Small Crat Pilot training program.
Recognition for Outstanding Achievemt in Charan Navigation Program.
Demerit for "Unacceptable Risk" during Evasive Manuvering instruction
Career History U.S.S Valhalla - Shuttle Pilot 3rd Class

U.S.S Astraea - Shuttle Pilot 2nd Class & 1st Class


Service Record See Ship History