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Settling In

Posted on Mon Sep 30th, 2019 @ 6:57pm by Commander Temperance Zachary

Mission: Episode 01: "Vestal Hearth"
Location: Personal Quarters

Having finished her dinner with the Captain, Temperance had returned to her quarters, showered and changed into clean pajamas. Now, sitting on the ledge of the viewport, she found herself staring at the silvery streaks that were marred the darkness of the space beyond the ships. It had only been a couple of days since she had come aboard, and already so much had changed.

In truth, it had only been a short amount of time but she already felt entirely out of her league, very much like a little girl playing dress ups in a grown up world. Not that she had ever played dress ups as a little girl, that analogy was entirely theoretical.

Leaning back against the frame behind her, she tightened her grasp on the mug of hot chocolate she was balancing on her knee with one hand and turned her gaze back toward her quarters.

They were definitely more spacious and luxurious than any she had had before, perks of the position she supposed. It stood to reason that the First Officer would be afforded more in the way of luxuries than, say, a Department Head, but it was still something she found somewhat overwhelming.

With multiple living spaces as well as a smaller private office, a well sized bedroom and a bathroom, there was plenty of space to personalize and make her own, yet the limit to the personalisations she had done so far had been the three photo frames atop the mantle.

The first picture was the one image she still had of her parents, her birth parents. She sighed softly as she glanced toward the image, taking in their smiling faces. They looked so happy, standing on the top of a hill, blue sky stretched behind them, along with rolling green hills.

Despite the peace and tranquility in the photograph, she couldn't help but feel a level of anger toward her parents, something she had struggled with for a long time.

The second picture was at her graduation from the Academy, standing between her Aunt and Uncle, both of them in full dress uniform. Her uncle had been newly promoted to Admiral shortly before she had graduated and the luster still hadn't gone worn off of his rank insignia. Even just seeing the picture now made her smile.

She could still feel the warmth and love that they had surrounded her with from the moment that they had come into her life. Even now her Uncle and Aunt were always the first ones to champion for her, to support her and encourage her with everything she had ever done.

The final photo she had set on the mantle was one of herself, arm in arm with a rather good looking young man. The happiness on both of their faces was evident. She had just barely turned eighteen and they were both in their cadet uniforms, standing in front of the entrance to Starfleet Academy.

With a heavy sigh, she cast one last glance around her near stock standard quarters before she turned her attention back to the darkness beyond the view port.

"Well, this is it..." she said to herself quietly. "Home sweet home, at least for now."


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