Lieutenant Luther Wendell

Name Luther Ronzoni Wendell

Position Deputy Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Biographical Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Birth Date 2368
Birth Location Slidell Louisiana

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 126
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Luther is rather slim build, light brown skin, he has dimples when he smiles, short trimmed black hair, light brown eyes.

Family Data

Parent(s) Kayne Wendell - Tanya Wendell-Liston
Sibling(s) ....
Marital Status In a Relationship
Partner(s) Suki Matsui
Children ....
Other Family Grandfather: Henri Liston Sr.
Grandmother: Shanti Liston
Uncle: Henri Liston Jr.

Personality Profile

General Overview Luther is a duty first, happy-go-lucky fellow, he is a little bit shy but is skilled at camouflaging it, he is friendly and helpful
Strengths & Weaknesses Pro: Duty First, hard worker, loyal and dedicated.

Cons: Not a natural leader, rather shy and lacking ambition.
Ambitions & Goals Be the best Starfleet officer he can be, eventually become Chief one day.
Hobbies & Interests Playing guitar, learning Spanish, endurance running.
Languages Federation standard, Spanish

Personal Relationships

Family Relationships Luther's Mum was 16 when she had him, they decided to name the child Luther Ronzoni as Dad was a big fan of the ancient music artist Luther Ronzoni Vandross while most listened to Bach or Vivaldi when listening to music of old, he listened to old Soul and Jazz.
She married Luther's dad (23) a jazz/soul musician when he asked her and for two years their marriage was going OK, until Kayne started coming home less, kept hanging around the club where he played.
Tanya took the child to her mother, who had her own baby of three years old, Luther had a good life with his grandparents, he was really close with his one year older uncle who was more like a brother, he had decent scores in School, went to guitar class after school and found out he had real talent for it, he refused to do anything with it, knowing that it had brought his father nothing.
His mother came by ever so often with another man on her arm, who she everytime introduced as his new daddy.
Romantic Relationships ....
Relationships with Friends Apart from his Uncle Henri he had only two good Friends, Bryan and a Japanese girl named Suki, the four of them where inseparable, Luther later got in a relationship with Suki, officially they are still together, they write and call, it is hanging on by a thread.
Acquaintances The Academy was a good experience, he made some friends who he is still in contact with.

Personal History

Personal History Luther was raised by his Grandparents, his mother came by every weekend to spend time with her son.

His Grandmother worked as a nurse in Slidell's hospital when Luther turned 15 he applied for a job at the hospital, he enjoyed the work, cleaning bed pans, washing patients and pushing the lunch trolley.
Education Starfleet academy - Science

Career History

Career History ....


Service Record .....